We are working on the next era of photonics.

We are working on the next era of reconnaissance.

Photonic solutions

Our growing portfolio of photonic solutions for research applications  aims towards raising the capabilities of biomedical and subcellular analysis to a new level. Our flagship product is a new super-resolution imaging (SRI) technology, enabling real-time microscopy far beyond the diffraction limit of light and is further complemented by novel, rapid, aberration-corrected zoom lenses, precision optical components, and narrow-bandwidth ultra low noise electronic amplifiers, optimized for optical detectors.

Defense solutions

Our expertise in the photonic sector is the basis for our research in future defense solutions. We are aiming towards a new generation of eletro-optical assets, fully compatible to established systems for ISTAR -intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition and reconnaissance operations.

Our Mission

PEARlabs technologies mission is to make the invisible visible! Applications of our disruptive and patented technologies are in several fields of research including bio-medical research at the subcellular level, advanced materials, high resolution optics and Physics.

PEARlabs Technologies are continuing to invent disruptive solution for the photonic sector including a new rapid focusing, aberration corrected optical system for high precision imaging.

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