Imaging beyond
your imagination.

We are working on the next era of miscroscopy.

Our strategy

is to make the invisible visible.​ We have overcome the diffraction limit and developed an IP protected method to achieve imaging beyond the far-field diffraction-limit allowing researchers to study sub-cellular processes in real-time, supporting the fight against cancer and viral infections.​

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What's new?

PEARlabs is continuously improving their imaging products in collaboration with leading international companies. This is highlighted by a recent series of nominations and awards including winning the Special Prize on the highly prestigious Science Foundation Ireland Future Innovator Prize Competition 2020, selection as one of the top ventures on UCD's Ventures Launch competition 2021 and winning the Enterprise Ireland Viewers Choice Award in 2021.

Dr. Zerulla of PEARlabs receives NovaUCD Innovation Award

PEARlabs Founder Professor Dominic Zerulla receives 2022 NovaUCD Innovation Award. For more information we recommend the following article by silicon republic.


PEARlabs receives Viewers Choice Award

Enterprise Ireland's Big Ideas award ceremony 2021.


PEARlabs wins the SFI Future Innovator Prize

Prof. Dominic Zerulla on imaging beyond the diffraction limit on SFI's Summit 2020.


The Chip

PEARlabs' imaging technology is using electronically individually addressable pixels which are grouped on a highly integrated novel photonic chip. This IP-protected chip facilitates parallel acquisition and hence video frame rate imaging while gaining its spatial resolution from the localized plasmonic fields. The ultimate spatial resolution depends on the smallest light emitting structures lithographically obtainable - hypothetically, current state of the art lithography nodes enable structures sizes below 10 nm. The next generation of the chip aims to support mobile devices - bringing high resolution microscopy from the lab to your homes. The photonic chip is at the core of PEAR imaging!

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What's new?

PearLabs receives the SFI Future Innovator Prize Special Award 2020


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